My testimony

And they overcame him (satan) By the Blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto death. Revelations 12:11

7/1/20232 min read

A little about myself, I was born in a religious Christian household., my mother was a Catholic and my father was a Protestant. I spent time at both a Catholic school and a Protestant school. Went to many different churches as I was growing up. What I was hearing as I was growing up was to make it to heaven you had to belong to this certain faith (whatever church I was going to). I raised my hands multiple time to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour not really knowing what it meant. I had a strong faith in the Bible, whatever it said I believed to be true (still do). As I became a teenager I really got involved with drinking alcohol, I did not believe you can have a good time without alcohol. After I graduated from High School, I joined the military needless to say my drinking got worse. Praise The Lord after about a year in the military the Holy Spirit started moving on my heart bringing the many seeds that have been planted in my heart. to growth. Though due to my up bringing I thought I had to belong to a certain church. So, the search began. So needless to say, I got involved with a "Christian sect" because I can relate to their beginning. One day I was in my dorm listening to Petra (Christian Rock Band), A true believer was walking through the dorm and heard the music I was listening to we started talking and I told him about my newfound faith. He started telling me the truth about Jesus and the Holy Spirit was ministering to my heart, I ended up going to church with him and gave my life to the Lord April 7, 1984 (I actually understood what I was doing.) I learned two very important things that day. 1/ The Word of the Lord will not go void but accomplish what the Lord pleases. Isaiah 55:11. 2/ But more importantly, the Lord created me (you) to walk in fellowship with Him, the creator of the universe wants to hang out with me (you). He is coming back for a perfect bride. He loves us, enjoys us. He doesn't want my good works, my money (doing good and giving is very important). He wants all of me good bad and ugly, every aspect of me, my life.

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